• have lived in Germany for many years now and have a residence permit
  • must present the government authority for foreigners a secure workplace with sufficient income in 2009
  • are unemployed and seek employment
  • have had problems at your place of work and are afraid of losing your job
  • are working below your qualifications and wish to complete further job-related training
  • wish to learn


  • have lived in Germany for a long time and have an exceptional residence permit
  • would like to work but have no work permit
  • want to know if you can obtain a work permit
  • wish to learn

We offer you:

  • consultation in different languages
  • assistance in dealing with government offices
  • German language courses with child care facilities
  • job application trainings
  • support for career choices
  • short trainings in different types of careers with child care facilities (e.g. kitchen help, child care assistance etc.)
  • assistance with job application
  • help with difficulties hat your place of work

All services offered are free of charge!
Counselling services are confidential!

You can obtain information and counselling from:

FIM – Frauenrecht ist Menschenrecht e.V.
(Women’s Rights are Human Rights e.V. - Counselling
Centre for migrant women and their families).
Varrentrappstraße 55
60486 Frankfurt am Main
Counselling in English, Arabic, Turkish, Amharic and Tigrinya

Christine Mathews
Tel. 069/970 97 97 - 20
Fax 069/970 97 97 - 18
E-Mail: christine.mathews@fim-beratungszentrum.de


Evangelischer Regionalverband
Frankfurt am Main
Sozialdienst für Flüchtlinge und Migranten
(Social services for refugees and migrants)
Eschersheimer Ldstr. 567
60431 Frankfurt
Counselling in Serbo-Croatian, Dari, Urdu and Russian

Heike Schädel
Tel. 069/5302 - 221
Fax 069/5302 - 157
E-Mail: netzwerkprojekt@erv-frankfurt.de